‘A fox could be a shape-shifter, a spirit being. It could appear in human form if this suited its purposes; it could come and go as it pleased, play tricks, lead men astray.’

A film director in Hackney with a fox problem in her garden; an escapee from a cult in Japan; a Sydney café-owner rekindling an old flame; an English tutor who gets too close to an oligarch; a journalist on Mars, face-to-face with his fate.

The world has taught these men and women to live off their wits. They know how to play smart, but what happens when they need to be wise?

In the Time of Foxes is both compellingly readable and deeply insightful about the times in which we live, each narrative a compressed novel. With an exhilarating span of people and places, woven together by the most mercurial of animals, it shows the short story collection at its most entertaining and rewarding, and introduces Jo Lennan as a captivating new storyteller.

Available as an audiobook narrated by Geraldine Hakewill.

— Simon & Schuster




‘Brilliant. I was constantly astonished.

Each story takes us into a new world, yet the collection is bound together by a belief in the power of adaptability.’



‘The vision at the heart of this book is stark …

Aesop was a slave who freed himself (it is said) through the gift of storytelling – and, like his fables, these stories are chiefly interested in power.’



‘These are some of the best stories I’ve read this year – possibly ever. Lennan writes magnificently about men on the edge and women with secrets.

These are world class stories, tales that feel so palpable, true and lived, they almost feel like an act of possession.’



‘A treatise on the grittiness – the disappointments, the injustices, as well as the joys – of everyday life…

Lennan is a master at creating worlds’



‘I devoured these stories… 

Each is a whole new world of experience and meaning, and to read them together is to fall utterly under Lennan’s spell as a master storyteller.’